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Demystifying Blockchain Technology: Beyond Cryptocurrencies

In the realm of modern technology, few innovations have sparked as much intrigue and speculation as blockchain. While initially synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain technology has transcended its origins to become a disruptive force

India intends to integrate cryptocurrency tokens in a future native web browser

India intends to integrate cryptocurrency tokens in a future native web browser The function is intended to be a component of the national web browser initiative for the nation. Indian people may soon have the

PayPal introduces the PYUSD stablecoin for payments

PayPal, a major player in payment processing, introduced cryptocurrency payments in 2020 and has since been heavily involved in the market. On August 7, the American company PayPal introduced a fresh stablecoin named PayPal USD

When exploring AI, There are 7 factors blockchain protocols should take into account

There are a number of crucial factors to keep in mind while investigating how blockchain protocols and AI interact. It seems like artificial intelligence is all everybody is talking about across sectors. Even less tech-savvy

Complete Bitcoin Lightning Network integration on Binance

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has finished integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals on its platform. In a blog post on July 17, Binance announced that users of the exchange can now use

What is an Atomic Swap and How it works with cryptocurrency

What is an Atomic Swap and How it works with cryptocurrency In the world of cryptocurrencies, innovation is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.The idea of atomic exchanges is one such innovative invention.

CZ, Powell, and others come together to raise more than $1 million for ZachXBT’s legal expenses.

ZachXBT worries that his legal costs for fighting the slander complaint could "easily exceed" $1 million. In a little more than 24 hours, the cryptocurrency community has given blockchain researcher ZachXBT over $1 million in

Hong Kong opens crypto exchanges to retail users, but there are pitfalls

Hong Kong's securities regulator has announced a new plan to allow retail investors access to virtual asset platforms. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has announced that it will soon allow licensed platforms

Paris Blockchain Week 2023: Here what you missed on first day

The first day of the Paris Blockchain Week 2023 summit has kicked off, marking the start of a two-day event that promises to bring together some of the most innovative minds in the blockchain industry.

Peer-to-peer ridesharing using blockchain

Picture this: it's a hot summer day, and you're standing on a busy street corner, hoping to hail a taxi. But every taxi that passes by is either already occupied or not interested in taking